The rental

game is full

of unforeseen


don’t worry.


be happy.

You are the player for us if…


you do not want the excessive costs of an intermediary


you want to forget about rent-related bureaucracy


you want someone to check the state of the property


you love your city and want to be part of a community that attracts talent in South Tyrol

take it easy.

Every year 1,000 young people under the age of 30 leave South Tyrol.

Do you want to help keep our young people here or attract others to guarantee our land a future? We need to give them a home. Help us do it!

time after time.

Zero Unexpected, a World of Probabilities Certainties

Five things that make us absolutely useful and great playmates 🙂


No Intermediaries

No, we are not. We do not ask for any commission, simply a slight reduction on the rent to ensure we cover our expenses.


Managing Bureaucracy

  • Relations with the condominium
  • Contracts
  • Expenses


Protected Property

  • Property management
  • Renovation
  • Furnishing
  • Rental risk insurance policy



Tax Benefits

  • Dry coupon
  • Reduce taxes
  • Recover condominium expenses with an always occupied property


Risk Reduction

Reducing the risk of arrears

They chose us:

Via Guncina Apartament

Apartment surrounded by greenery in a small condominium in an exclusive area of the city, we offer 4 single rooms, furnished with new furniture.

Piazza Vittoria Apartament

A charming and elegant flat in a central location, just a few meters from the university and the city park of the Talvera meadows.

Via Verona Apartament

Spacious and bright flat in Via Verona, Bolzano, a short distance from the city center and the university, in a quiet residential area.

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    WhatsApp: +39 392 4648656

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